Monday, August 1, 2011

The balance of the bike.

I had the pleasure of getting back out on my bike over the school term break. It has been three months since my last ride (sounds like an AA confession!). It was a cold sunny winter morning, requiring several layers of clothing and thick wool farm socks, just to keep the frost bite from my toes. I headed off to Whiterock, North Loburn about a 36km out and back trip. The ride makes for a good wee workout on the way up and a fantastic fast ride home. And the reason for blogging about it.....? Biking gives me balance! Fresh air. Time on my own. Outside. Active. A backdrop of beautiful mountains covered in snow. A few early lambs. My thoughts tumbling over and out of my head. Conversations with myself (sounds a little mad) about all manner of things. A chance to reflect. I ride for mental space, to enjoy the way my body works, to catch up with my thoughts and myself. It brings balance to my life.


Mark Treacy said...

Ive started running almost everyday since Christmas.
Its a huge buzz, like you I love the fact that I can get away and do something for myself also recharging the batteries. I hope to start biking soon with the goal fingers crossed to run some sort of event!!

I love you blog by the way. James photo is fantastic.

Jeneane said...

I enjoyed your bike ride. Not being a cyclist it's good to hear 'why'. But seeking solitude and talking to oneself? I understand completely! That road to Whiterock is dreamy however you ride it isn't it, unless... If you read 'Cop-Out' (21 April posted under 'And Now for Something Comletely Different') you might recognise the terrain.