Monday, August 15, 2011

Childs Play!

Out to play in blizzard conditions.
A bitter wind blasting snow and hail sideways against the house. This was not the enchanting snowfall that we experienced four weeks ago. It wasn't something you should be out in.... surely?
Lambs and their mothers shelter in the barn.

Can you see them?

Ben (left), Molly-Kate (centre) and Luke (right), can't resist climbing the tree in the snow. 
  Well, children (and some adults who shall remain nameless) just need to be outdoors, whatever the weather. The snow stings your face as you walk into it. Your fingers freeze and your feet feel numb as they crunch into the newly fallen white powder. Have you ever climbed a tree in a snow storm? 

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Jeneane said...

Aren't the children loving this? Kitty has been out with the village children, snow-boarding on our slopes and into the creek, and yours climbing your tree - a new dimension to tree climbing for sure - three days off school is nothing when they have this to lap up.