Thursday, August 4, 2011

A season of sport and drama

James scoring an awesome try.
Molly-Kate on Tammee
MK shooting.
Card N0 7

Tweedle Dee Hip Hop style
Our family seems to love being out amongst it all! Whatever it is, we get into it boots and all. This winter has seen Lizzie performing in Alice! An Adventure in Wonderland. She was cast as a card and a specialty singer and grooved some awesome moves with her hip hop pals. Molly-Kate finds herself in a netball semi-final tomorrow and has also found a pony to ride (uh oh that could prove dangerous). James has had an amazing season scoring tries and learning how to tackle. Meanwhile, Craig has begun the journey toward another half marathon in January and is swimming 2km regularly in the pool. Me? I'm just tootling along.... (although I managed an A+ in my last assignment), (must not show off), (aren't I clever).
This is our busy, active and sometimes utter chaotic and occasionally disorganised family. I'm loving it all!


Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Yippeeeeee! I love your blog. I miss you all and am so very happy I can now follow you all through this format. So happy to see and hear from you xxx

Jeneane said...

What a great action shot of James. You certainly are a pack of all-rounders. Did you pick Lizzie, the playing card, in my Winter Wonderland post? She's there in the Street Walk and judging by Bryony's face in the Red Queen stage scene, Lizzie is just delivering her Manchester St tarts joke!